Online Counselling


What is online counselling

Online counselling (also known as e-therapy) is simply counselling that is conducted with the aidof technology, rather than face to face in a room. This might include the use of chat programmes or webcams


Why might I want to try online counselling?

Sometime sit may not be possible to access the services of a counsellor in a face to face way. This may be due to transport difficulties, time pressures or illness. Online counselling can provide a more convenient way of recieving therapeutic help, without the need to travel. It can also be done in an environent of your chosing.

What is it like?

The first half-hour meeting can either take place in the counselling room face to face, or online. This session is to discuss the process, look through the contract and address any questions. The first counselling session will form an assessment of your issues and goals, and cover any further questions. If  your initial meeting was online, some of the material for this may be provided before the first sessions. Subsequent 50 minute sessions will be conducted online. It is yor choice whether you want to conduct the sessions via text only chat, or using a webcam and microphone. Routes may either start at the counselling room, or we may arrange to meet at another location. Sessions will be arranged for a particular time every week, as with face to face counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any special equipment? You will need access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This will need to be able to use the Zoom programme or app. If opting to use audio/video sessions, then you will need a quality webcam and microphone (someitmes smart phone cameras may not provide sufficient picture quality).


  • What is Zoom? Zoom is a programme which allows for text based chat or audio/video conferencing via webcam and microphone. It is similar to Skype, however, it utilises a mich higher level of encription to ensure that exchanges betwee you and your counsellor remain confidential. It is free to install and use. Please use this link to check out the service for yourself ( Download instructions can be found from this page, however, this will be discussed in your initial contact or first meeting.


  • Where should I be for sessions? One of the positive aspects of onone counselling is that you get to choose your envirnent. However, unlike face to face counselling, you are responsible for maintaining your own privacy and confidentiality at your end. It is therefore advisable to select somewhere that is quiet, private, lacking distactions and where you are unlikely to be interupted or overheard. If using a webcam, you may want to consider the lighting in the room so that it is not too dark, and there is no bright light directly behind you. Apart from that, hopefully you will be in a safe and comfortable setting.


  • What if the technology fails? Technology often has a habit of not being reliable when we need it to be. Should connection be lost then I will discuss and contract with you how to handle this situation. It may be that we wait a given time and then try again, or I may all you to carry on the session, find a solution, or reschedule.


  • What if I decide it isn't right for me? As with all therapy, if you feel that online counselling is not working out for you, please discuss it with me. It may be that we change how we conduct sessions e.g. go from webcam to chat, or vice versa. It may be that you would prefer to meet face to face. One option is that you engagein 'blended' therapy. This is when some or most sessions are conducted online, with face to face meetings happening when requird, or to review how things are going.


  • I currently see my counsellor in the room, but this sounds appealing, what can I do? If you would like to try online counselling then please discuss this option in a session and a trial can be set up.


  • Are the fees the same? Yes. The inital 30 minute meeting (online of face to face) is free. All subsequent sessions are charged at £45 per 50 minutes.


  • Do you offer phone counselling? Unfortunately, I currently do not offer phone counselling sessions on a regualr basis. 



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