Walk & Talk Therapy

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Simply put, walk and talk therapy is counselling that is conducted whilst walking outdoors. It offers the opportunity for clients to express themselves in the changing natural environment. It is contracted in exactly the same way as more traditional counselling (with a few additions), and the focus is still on exploring relationships and issues together, to hopefully discover a resolution or opportunity for change.

Why might you want to try Walk and Talk Therapy?

Some clients suggest that it is more comfortable to share their thoughts walking side by side with a counsellor, rather than sitting opposite them face to face. Being outside can foster a better connection with nature and the world. There are also opportunities for less restricted movements and chances to engage with mindfullness. The walking aspect will also serve as physical exercise, which has both mental and general health benefits.

What is it like?

The first half-hour meeting will take place in the counselling room, to discuss the process, look through the contract and address any questions. The first counselling session will also take place in the counselling room and will form an assessment of your issues and goals, and cover any further questions. From there, sessions will be conducted as a walk. Routes may either start at the counselling room, or we may arrange to meet at another location. Sessions will be 50 minutes, and so walks may be circular or a decision will be made on when to turn round and head back to the start. On some routes there will be oportunities to sit, and clients may chose that only part of the session consists of walking. The routes will be decided jointly on a week by week basis, or you may chose to stick to the same route each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any special equipment? No. It is however, very important that you wear suitable clothing for walking outside in different weather conditions, e.g. sturdy shoes, coat, hat, sunscreen, scarf etc.


  • Do I need to be fit? The pace for the walks is set by the client for the most part. The counsellor will be mindful of when you need to return to the start. Different routes may have challenges (e.g. styles or hills) and so it is important to discuss any concens with your counsellor prior to each new route. If you have any concerns, it is highly reccommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional before starting any new exercise activity.


  • What if the weather is bad? Risk assessments will be carried out on routes, however, the counsellor and the client retain their responsibility for their own safety. If the weather is likely to make a walk unsafe or sufficiently uncomfortable, the session can either be conducted in the counselling room, rescheduled for another time in the week or cancelled. It is important that a reliable method of communication is estabished so that arrangements can be altered appropriately.


  • What if I decide it isn't right for me? As with all therapy, if you feel that walk and talk therapy is not right for you, please discuss any issues with your counsellor. Most problems should be able to be resolved but, if you find that you would prefer for sessions to take place in the room, that would be arranged.


  • I currently see my counsellor in the room, but this sounds appealing, what can I do? If you would like to try walk and talk therapy then please discuss this option in a session and a trial can be set up.


  • Are the fees the same? Yes. The inital 30 minute meeting is free. All subsequent sessions are charged at £45 per 50 minutes.
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