What is Counselling?


Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of our lives or our problems seem too big to manage on our own. Counselling can provide an open, safe and confidential time and space to talk about the problems in our lives.


Counselling is not about providing answers or giving advice, but rather an opportunity to explore what is troubelling you. This exploration might be of current issues, or those of the past. With the help of the counsellor your self-awareness can grow, and you will be able to find the way forward that works best for you. You are the person who is in control of the process.


Counselling involves a  committment to work thorough your issues. Appointments are on a weekly basis to allow clients to process the sessions and discuss what has been discovered in an ongoing way. Some issues may be resolved in a realtively few number of sessions, while others may require more long term work. Reviewing how things are for you is an important part of the process, so that decisions can be made on how you want to proceed.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or arrange a free half hour meeting to discuss whether counselling is right for you.

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